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We’re Back (and better than ever)


Well, my annual birthday depression finally lifted, and when it did I decided that I didn’t like the look of the site. So we’re changing the presentation a little bit, to make it even flashier. We’re also going to add a few new items. First, Blue Collar Blues.

Before running this site Elizabeth Pavlov and I ran a site called My Retarded Boss (sadly defunked and defunct), Blue Collar Blues is in that same vein, awful (yet funny) tales from the working classes. Just to let you know that there are people out there with lives even shittier than yours. Because, yes, all the tales I’ll be telling you are one hundred percent true.

Second, there’ll be a tee shirt/apparel store coming soon. I need to compensate the people writing here somehow, and every design of ours that you buy will go to helping the poor bastards blogging here get some coin for their efforts. Yes, there will be Alberto the Angry Flan tees, as well as some of my other ingenious creations.

Lastly there will be no ads. Not ever. We are proudly sponsored by no one. And I damned well intend to keep it that way. At least until someone offers us a buttload of coin to sell out.

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