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Texas Town Introduces Pottyable Water


Here we have a future pot of Denny's coffee. It might taste better straight from the source.

Here we have a future pot of Denny’s coffee. It might taste better straight from the source.

In Wichita Falls, Texas officials are about to introduce a unique form of ass to mouth porn, recycled tap water. Yes, the good people of Wichita Falls can sleep soundly, knowing that every time they flush after a three AM bathroom run that in a few hours time that water will be coming right back through their taps to shower in and even drink. At long last Americans will get the whole canine water drinking experience.

Just think of the unique flavor that Wichita Falls coffee will have. Or the new Sodastream flavors that the residents will be able to invent with their wastewater. Corned beef & cabbage has never tasted so shitty! (Which is saying a lot because corned beef & cabbage sucks.)

And with all this infrastructure build-out, they have a great business on their hands if the drought ever ends, because Wichita Falls Springwater will just slide off the shelves. Breweries and distilleries will be lining up to make use of the unique flavors in their products. Coors Lite will finally have a taste! Wichita Dark Ale will become the hottest selling microbrew in the land. Hopefully they start laying down casks of water now so that whiskey makers can take advantage of the unique flavors imparted Wichita Falls water.

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