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Politician Arrests Blogger to “Defend the 1st Amendment”


"I think this look becomes me."

“I think this look becomes me.”

In another story destined for the NtO Hall of Fame Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis is defending a heavily armed raid on the home of an internet critic on the grounds that he was just “protecting the 1st amendment“. No, really.

“I still maintain my right to protect my identity is my right,” Ardis said in an interview with the Journal Star before the council meeting. “Are there no boundaries on what you can say, when you can say it, who you can say it to? … This guy took away my freedom of speech.”

No, Jim, Jon Daniel exercised his right to free speech. That’s what that whole free speech thing means. It means that I am free to criticize, condemn, or even outright mock the bastards in charge. Including you, you molester of young girls’ undergarments. See how that works, Jim, buddy? Ardis’ response to a gag Twitter account with a few dozen followers has resulted in dozens of Ardis parody accounts with thousands of followers as well as Peoria becoming the butt of late night talk show jokes.

You would think that this result would lead him to reconsider, but Ardis is one of those individuals that combines arrogance, ignorance and indolence in levels so toxic that a career in public office is his only option. He claims to have received no special treatment at all from the police, it was just a coinkydink that the pigs decided to descend on the house where the Twitter account originated from in armed fury. He also knows exactly who is to blame for his troubles. The first amendment evile (sic) “lamestream media”

“You’re the ones responsible for getting full information, but not to spin it in the way you want to spin it,” Ardis said to a Journal Star reporter. “To make us look stupid. It’s your responsibility to put actual information out there and cover both sides. Not to opine. And that didn’t happen. Clearly, that didn’t happen.”

In fairness, Jimmy boy, the media didn’t need to try too hard to make you look stupid. You did that your own bad self by “exercising your 1st amendment right” to send in armed thugs after your critics.

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