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My Day With A Genie


Pervy Djinn

This doesn't actually have anything to do with the story, we're just easily amused.

OK, true story here, I met a Genie yesterday morning. I was so excited to see him I’m couldn’t control myself. I ran to him screaming Genie! genie! Surprised that no one else noticed the same thing I did, they all just stared at me in amazement and I believe some jealousy.

After he calmed me down he took a glance at his non-genie friend and merely said “Ah what the hell”. He then turned to me and insisted he grant me one wish. What do I wish for? Money? Fame? I wished I could go back to high school, do things right this time. I was so psyched! So I drove to the nearest high school and parked my minivan in the student parking section. I had a dilemma now, do I go straight to the office and introduce myself as the new kid or go to the guidance office and get my new schedule. I paused about 15 minutes trying to find my answer.

And then….. Boom! My door was kicked in and I was dragged facedown to the asphalt. After nearly 4 hours of questioning me why I was creepily waiting in a van on school property, I repeatedly gave my genie story. Much to the amusement of law enforcement personnel. They released me with a restraining order to stay 500ft from the school.

I drove straight to where I had met the genie and found him. Aisle 4, produce, at Walmart. Before I could say anything to him he asked what lesson I had learned from all of this. I couldn’t answer. But he could “don’t assume that when you see a man from India wearing a turban that he is a genie. He may tell you to go so something fucked up and then call the cops on you!!!”

Lesson learned! Well played, Genie.

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