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Homophobic KKK Killer Once Arrested with Black Male Prostitute


"I was just lookin' for some brown sugar with a little honey in her hips."

“I was just lookin’ for some brown sugar with a little honey in her hips.”

In yet another story that writes itself Frazier Glenn Miller, the man that shot up a Jewish community center in Kansas in the name of the white race earlier this month has a rather, shall we say, “checkered” past. The former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon was arrested in Raleigh, North Carolina 27 years ago for engaging in a sex act with an African-American prostitute. An African-American transvestite prostitute.

That’s right, sports fans, a former head muckety-muck in an organisation that’s proudly white supremacist and homophobic got caught swapping Slurpees™ on the down low. Who knows, maybe this was an illiteracy error, maybe he thought he was appointed a Grand Dragqueen™ and that this was the initiation ceremony. Lord knows few enough of them can read.

But, really, are we even surprised anymore when we find out that anti-homosexual activists are playing bacon wars with rent boys? The list of Christian evangelists with “boy troubles” is a long one, Ted Haggard, Paul Barnes, Roy Clements, John Paulk, Lonnie Latham, et al. The list goes on and on. So, again, shouldn’t we just normally assume that the bigger the KKK mouth the more likely we are to catch them with it full of salami?

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