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Bachmann Manure Overdrive


Michele Bachmann and her bastard offspring

After her latest miscue Batboy has issued an official denial that he is the lovechld of Bachmann and Anthony Perkins.

Michele Bachmann kicked off her presidential campaign by comparing herself to a homicidal clown. While some Republicans were upset by Bachmann’s remarks, many people found them quite apt. Me, for one.

I mean, can you think of any metaphor more apt for Bachmann than a murderous jester? She has been, when not engaging in moments of accidental honesty, criticizing the current administration for being soft on terrorism. Does she not realize that the administration is practicing assassination on a scale that even Shrubya would have considered revolting? Apparently she does, and that’s not enough for her. She wants more.

She’s like the character from the infamous Tom Lehrer song, Smut. Only rather than getting turned on by good, healthy pornography, she’s turned on by rivers of blood. We’re bombing people everywhere and anon with flying killer robots and even shipping these weapons of mass destruction to other countries so that they can join in the carnage. But to La Bachmann this still isn’t enough.

The original Killer Klown

“I'd like Michele Bachmann more if she promised to sodomize those cute young Muslim boys before killing them.”

Apparently the hundreds of thousands displaced by our Middle Eastern wars, and the thousands killed by bombs, drone attacks and good, old fashioned Marines just isn’t enough. No, she’s right. She indeed shares the same spirit with John Wayne Gacy, vicious, irredeemable, and homicidal to an unholy degree. We should be applauding Michele Bachmann for her honesty, she is without question Gacy’s heir. She also can’t tell the difference between Concord, Massachusetts and Concord, New Hampshire, and even Fox News considers her a flake. Though they apologized lest they offend their Tea Party viewers.

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