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911 is a (Sick) Joke


This is what happens when you dial 911. If he had a dog he'd probably have been shot after they killed it.

This is what happens when you dial 911. If he had a dog he’d probably have been shot after they killed it.

In yet another example of a disturbing police trend of recent years an elderly man called 911 to request an ambulance to take his wife, who suffers from dementia, to the hospital only to get the bejesus beat out of him by the pigs that insisted on showing up where they weren’t needed. After the usual tossing to the ground Mr. Brashears told the Brave Boys in Brown™ that he didn’t object to being cuffed if they insisted, but this just brought about the usual baton blows with cries of “Stop resisting!”. (This seems to have become a magic talisman amongst America’s stormtroopers, they all shout it when they go into ‘roid rage mode.)

This is not an isolated event. Increasingly police officers are responding to medical emergencies and doing what they do, which is to smack victims around like a disobedient stepchild. From Coon Rapids, Michigan to Waycross, Georgia, to North Carolina police all across the “land of the free” are using medical emergencies as a chance for target practise against live human beings.

I’ve long maintained that the easiest way to get away with murder in the modern American police state is to let the actual police commit the murder for you or, alternatively, that you should only call 911 if you’re prepared for someone to die. But it seems reasonable that when you call 911 for a medical emergency you should be safe. EMTs are unarmed after all.

In the North Carolina case a family called for help with their 90lb schizophrenic son who was acting out. To their credit the first police to unnecessarily arrive on the scene had succeeded in calming young Keith Vidal down when their “backup” showed up and immediately went for armed force. When the taser didn’t work he announced that he didn’t have time to deal with the situation and shot the young man dead. The time between his announcement to the dispatchers that he was pulling up to the scene and his announcement of shots fired? 70 seconds. He was in a real hurry. Those crullers and coffees down at the ‘Kreme wouldn’t be eating themselves, after all.

If America were a “free market hellhole” like you team bluers like to bemoan a private ambulance dispatch service would long since have sprung up to reassure callers in medical emergencies that only accredited medical personnel would be arriving to help them. Alas, we do not actually live in such a country and emergency services are monopolized by the state. So now calling 911 is sort of like playing Russian Roulette, you’ll never know when your time is up until you hear the gun go off.

So how do we fix the problem? Because police beating and shooting people in medical emergencies is a crisis. One far more dangerous than the imaginary ones that Uncle Sam gleefully throws billions at every day. And, of course, partially created by Uncle Sam as the federal government increasingly floods local police departments with military weapons and encourages them to train their officers to be paramilitary assault troops. A good first start would be barring police from carrying any weapons on medical emergency calls. Yes, any weapons. As in no clubs, no tasers, no nuthin’. It’s increasingly obvious they can’t be trusted with weapons in tense situations. Daily steroid testing would be another great idea. Another good start would be to transfer the investigation of all complaints against police to an outside authority, because the present system of police policing themselves is pretty clearly a sick joke.

An excellent place to start, however, would be for American juries to stop getting all misty eyed when taxpayer funded, high-priced defense attorneys begin waxing euphoric about the “brave boys in blue”. Because if you people would start returning guilty verdicts in the rare cases that got to you police would cease to believe that they were completely above the law and likely get a lot less violent.

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